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Société canadienne des médiévistes / Canadian Society of Medievalists 

Programme préliminaire / Preliminary Conference Schedule

27-29 mai, 2023 / 27-29 May /

 Université de York / York University, Toronto, Ontario


Le programme complet est également disponible en format Word (.docx) et.pdf .

Nous reconnaissons que de nombreuses nations autochtones entretiennent des relations de longue date avec les territoires sur lesquels sont situés les campus de l’Université York, relations qui précèdent l’établissement de l’Université York. L’Université York reconnaît sa présence sur le territoire traditionnel de nombreuses nations autochtones. La région connue sous le nom de Tkaronto est sous la responsabilité de gardiennage de la Nation Anishinabek, la Confédération Haudenosaunee et les Hurons-Wendat. Elle abrite maintenant de nombreuses communautés de Premières nations, d’Inuits et de Métis. Nous reconnaissons les détenteurs actuels du traité, les Mississaugas de la Première Nation de Credit. Ce territoire fait l’objet du Pacte de la ceinture de wampum Dish with One Spoon, une entente visant à partager pacifiquement et à prendre soin de la région des Grands Lacs.

We recognize that many Indigenous Nations have longstanding relationships with the territories upon which York University campuses are located that precede the establishment of York University. York University acknowledges its presence on the traditional territory of many Indigenous Nations. The area known as Tkaronto has been care taken by the Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Huron-Wendat. It is now home to many First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities. We acknowledge the current treaty holders, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. This territory is subject of the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement to peaceably share and care for the Great Lakes region.

DAY 1 / JOUR 1

May 27 / le 27 mai

Concurrent Sessions / Sessions simultanées

Session 1 10 :30am-12noon / Session 1 10 :30-12h

Session 1A: Policies and Pageantry in Late Medieval England

Room TBD

Chair: TBD

1.      Ruth Frost, UBC Okanagan

The Regulation of the Sale of Corn and Grain in Early Fourteenth-Century Norwich

2.      Emma-Catherine Wilson, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

The Fanciful Challenge Letters of London, College of Arms, MS L6 and the Role of Heralds in the Elaboration of Early Tudor Pageants

Session 1B: Re-contextualizing Kingship

Room TBD

Chair: TBD

1.      Darren Henry-Noel, PhD Candidate, Queen’s University
A “Most Crusading King”? The Role of the Crusades in the Reign of Philip Augustus
2.      Ruth Wehlau, Queen's University
The Power of Patient Kingship; Supernatural Abduction in Sir Orfeo and the Third Branch of the Mabinogi
    3.      Andrew Taylor, University of Ottawa
    Chamber, Hound, and Hawk: Froissart’s Account of Henry IV’s Seizure of Power

    LUNCH BREAK 12noon-1:30pm / PAUSE DÉJEUNER 12-13:30h

    Session 2 1 :30-3pm / Session 2 13h30-15h

    Session 2A: Manuscripts and the Questions they Pose

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Chris L. Nighman, Wilfrid Laurier University
    An Unexpected Tract on Preaching Within a Dominican Florilegium
    2.      Stephanie J. Lahey, University of Toronto
     Statistical Analysis of the Statuta Angliæ Corpus—Some Initial Findings
    3.      Katelin Marit Parsons, postdoctoral researcher, Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies (Reykjavík, Iceland)
    Is Parchment Medieval?

    Session 2B: Blurring Boundaries: Interactions and Images Across the Religious Divide in Catalonia, Byzantium and the Baltic Crusade

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Grant Schrama, Queen's University
    Race or Religion? Eastern Roman Commentaries on Christian-Muslim Interactions, 1200-1500
    2.      Rasa Mazeika, University of Toronto
    Pagan Rites Abetted by Christian Clerics in Medieval Lithuania
    3.      Alexandra Guerson, University of Toronto and Dana Wessell Lightfoot, University of Northern British Columbia
    The Women of the Cerç Family and Multi-Generational Credit Relationships Between Christians and Jews in Medieval Girona

    COFFEE BREAK 3-3:30pm / PAUSE CAFÉ 15-15:30h

    Session 3 3:30-4:30pm / Session 2 15:30-16:30h

    Session 3A: Medieval Medical Narratives

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Shirley Kinney, Independent Scholar
    Zoopharmacognosy and Distrust of the Medical Profession in the Herbarium of Pseudo-Apuleius
    2.      Ben Nilson, UBC Okanagan
    English Miracula Related to Pregnancy, 11th to 15th centuries

    Session 3B: Modern Re-Envisionings of Medieval Narratives

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Christine Ekholst, Uppsala University, Sweden
    Our Home and Native Land: Medieval Origin Stories and Right-Wing Populism
    2.      Michael Kightley, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Queer Beowulfs in Contemporary Adaptations

    Optional / Optionnel: CSM Members Informal Social Night / Soirée sociale informelle des membres de la SCM

    Executive Committee Planning Dinner / Dîner de planification du comité exécutif

    End of Day 1 / Fin du premier jour

    DAY 2 / JOUR 2

    Live-streamed / Diffusion en direct

    May 28 / le 28 mai

    Consecutive Sessions / Sessions consécutives

    Session 1 8:30-10am / Session 1 8h30-10h

    Session 1: Reckonings and Re-imaginings:

    The Ethiopian ‘Dark Ages’ (6th-12th centuries) I: The ‘Facts’

    (presented with support from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences’ Open Programming Fund)

    Room TBD

    Chair: Michael Gervers, PhD, University of Toronto

    1.      Mohammad Ahmad Mian, University of Toronto
    The Axumite-Sassanian War During the Sixth Century C.E.: The Martial, Political, and Religious Decline of Axum in Late Antiquity
    2.      Shijie ZHANG, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva, Switzerland
    A Chinese General’s Grand Adventure toward Africa: The Kingdom of Molin, Laobosa, and the Trade between East Asia and the Axumite Kingdom in the Eighth Century
    3.      River M. Hobel, University of Toronto
    Rethinking Christianity in Šäwa During the ‘Dark Ages’

    COFFEE BREAK 10-10:30am / PAUSE CAFÉ 10-10:30h

    Session 2 10 :30am-12noon / Session 2 10 :30-12h

    Session 2: Reckonings and Re-imaginings:

    The Ethiopian ‘Dark Ages’ (6th-12th centuries) II: The Legends

    Room TBD

    Chair: Michael Gervers, PhD, University of Toronto

    1.      Adam Heagle, University of Toronto
    Speculation on the Origins and Development of Ethiopian Liturgical Chant in the Middle Ages
    2.      Habtamu Mekonnen Taddesse, Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto
    Gudit: Was She a Mere Tradition/Myth or an Actual Political Figure in Ethiopian History?
    3.      Katherine Robertson, University of Toronto
    Myth and Conflict Under the Solomonic Dynasty: A Case Study of Queen Gudit and the Queen of Sheba

    LUNCH BREAK 12noon-1:30pm / PAUSE DÉJEUNER 12-13:30h

    (Big Thinking Event 12:15-1:15pm:

    Thinking across differences: Decolonial, anti-racism and feminist perspectives)

    (Événement Voir Grand 12:15-13:15h :

    Penser au-delà des différences : Perspectives décoloniales, antiracistes et féministes)

    Session 3 1:30-3pm / Session 3 13h30-15h

    Session 3: Reckonings and Re-imaginings:

    Rethinking Medieval Gendered Violence After #MeToo

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Matthew Roby, University of Toronto (Remote Presenter)
    The ‘Bed-Trick’ in Old Norse Sagas
    2.      Gavin Foster, PhD Student, Dalhousie University
    Judith, Éowyn, and the Alloying Effects of Sexualized Violence
    3.      Mariah Cooper, Acadia University
    ‘Let’s bring the boys in’: Collective Sexual Violence as a Male Bonding Experience in Junior Hockey and Medieval Gang Rape
    4.      Kathy Cawsey, Dalhousie University
    'Threte is unthrivande in thede ther I lende': Gawain's Defence of Consent in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    COFFEE BREAK 3-3:30pm / PAUSE CAFÉ 15-15h30

    Plenary Address 3:30-5pm / Discours en séance plénière 15h30-17h


    Dr. Arafat Razzaque, University of Toronto

    The City a Desert: The Moral Self and Anxieties of Social Difference from Late Antiquity to Early Islam

    Room TBD

    Chair: Siobhain Bly Calkin, Carleton University, President CSM / SCM

    5pm: York University President’s Reception / 17h : Réception du Président de la Université York

    7pm: CSM Conference Dinner: Location TBD / 19h: Dîner de la conférence SCM : Lieu à déterminer

    End of Day 2 / Fin du deuxième jour

    DAY 3 / JOUR 3

    May 29 / le 29 mai

    Concurrent Sessions / Sessions simultanées

    ! Note the different timeslots for today!

    Session 1 9-10:30am / Session 1 9-10:30h

    Session 1A: Shifting Identities in Medieval German and Dutch Narratives

    Room TBD

    Joint Session with German Studies Canada

    (Organizers: Ann Marie Rasmussen, University of Waterloo and Markus Stock, University of Toronto)

    Chair: TBD

    1.      John Greenfield, German Studies, University of Porto
    God’s Own Society? On the Divided Allegiances of minne [love] in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Grail Community
    2.      Sophie Jordan, Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto
    Black Excellence at Arthur’s Court: Moriaen and Northern Germanic Medieval Concepts of Blackness
    3.      Jana Koepcke, Germanic and Slavic Studies, University of Waterloo
    The Queen of France in its Codicological Contexts: Manuscript Compilation as the Site of Shifting Identity Formations

    Session 1B: Reckonings and Re-imaginings: Medieval Depictions of Relations Between Peoples

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Robin Waugh, Wilfrid Laurier University
    Displacement of Indigenous Knowledge in Vatnsdœla saga
    2.      Andrew W. Klein, St. Thomas University
    A Synecdochic Slipper: Reckoning with the Racialized Scot in Medieval Anglo-Scottish Conflict

    COFFEE BREAK 10:30-10:45am / PAUSE CAFÉ 10:30-10:45h

    Session 2 10:45am-12:15noon / Session 2 10 :45-12:15h

    Session 2A: Middle English: New Questions and Approaches to Oft-Taught Texts

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Richard Firth Green, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University
    How Christian is Sir Gawain’s Pentangle?
    2.      Joanne Findon and Katrina Keefer, Trent University
    Introducing Riding with Chaucer: an Immersive Pilgrimage
    3.      Elizabeth Edwards, Inglis Professor, University of King s College
    Chaucer’s Suicides

    Session 2B: Latin Engagements with Rome and Italy

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    1.      Cillian O’Hogan, University of Toronto
    Foundation Narratives and the Classical Tradition in Hrotsvit's Primordia Coenobii Gandeshemensi
    2.      Sarah Griffin, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Dante’s Paradiso and its Philosophical Thematic Resonance with Augustine’s Confessions
    3.      Eva Plesnik, University of Toronto
    Leisure and Place in the Anticourt Discourse of Petrarch’s De vita solitaria and Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini’s De curialium miseriis


    12:30-2:30pm / 12:30-14h30

    Lunch will be provided for in-person attendees. / Le déjeuner sera offert aux participant.e.s en personne.

    All members not able to attend in person are welcome to attend via Zoom (links will be sent by e-mail to all members) /

    Tous les membres qui ne peuvent pas participer en personne sont invités à participer via Zoom (les liens seront envoyés par courriel à tou.te.s les membres).

    COFFEE BREAK 2:30-3pm / PAUSE CAFÉ 14h30-15h

    Session 3 3-4:30pm / Session 3 15-16h30

    Session 3: Roundtable on Funding Opportunities:

    SSHRC's postdoctoral program and non-SSHRC external major funding

    Room TBD

    Chair: TBD

    Organizers: Chris L. Nighman, Wilfrid Laurier University and Richard Matthew Pollard, UQAM

    Participants: TBA

    End of Day 3 and of Conference / Fin de la troisième journée et de la conférence

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