About the Canadian Society of Medievalists

The Canadian Society of Medievalists/Société canadienne des médiévistes is a scholarly association dedicated to promoting excellence in research and teaching in all fields of medieval studies. The Society holds an annual conference during the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and publishes the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Florilegium, which is available via the University of Toronto Press and via Project MUSE.  Florilegium is included in the membership, as is Scrinium, the Society’s biannual newsletter. While CSM/SCM is based in Canada, its membership is international.

Officers of the CSM

President (2022)

Marc Cels (Athabasca University, marcc[AT]athabascau[DOT]ca)

Vice-President (2022)

Siobhain Bly Calkin (Carleton University, siobhain[DOT]calkin[AT]carleton[DOT]ca)

Past President  (2022)

Kathy Cawsey (Dalhousie University, kathy[DOT]cawsey[AT]dal[DOT]ca)

Secretary-Treasurer (2023)

Allison Fizzard (Campion College, University of Regina, allison[DOT]fizzard[AT]uregina[DOT]ca)

Florilegium Editor (2025)

David Watt (University of Manitoba, florilegium[AT]utpress[DOT]utoronto[DOT]ca)

Florilegium Co-editors, French (2019)

Sébastien Rossignol (Memorial University of Newfoundland, srossignol[AT]mun[DOT]ca)

Christine McWebb (University of Waterloo)

CSM Webmasters (2022)

Elias Fahssi (Calgary, canmedwebmaster[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

Public Relations Officers (canmedievalistsPR[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

Lindsay Church (2022, Dalhousie University)

Alvionne Gardner-Harrison (2022, University of British Columbia)

Sam Lehman (2022, Memorial University)

Kenna Olsen (2022, Mount Royal University)

Richard Matthew Pollard (2022, Université du Québec à Montréal)

Donna Trembinski (2022, St. Francis Xavier University)

Margaret Wade Labarge Prize Chair (2022)

Debra Lacoste (2023, CANTUS Database, debra[DOT]lacoste[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

Leonard Boyle Prize Chair (2022) 

Philippe Genequand (2023, Université de Montréal, philippe[DOT]genequand[AT]umontreal[DOT]ca)

Representative to the CFHSS (2022)

Kathy Cawsey (Dalhousie University, kathy[DOT]cawsey[AT]dal[DOT]ca)

Advisory Board

Siân Echard (2022, University of British Columbia, sian[DOT]echard[AT]ubc[DOT]ca)

George Ferzoco (2023, University of Calgary, george[DOT]ferzoco[AT]ucalgary[DOT]ca)

Philippe Genequand (2023, Université de Montréal, philippe[DOT]genequand[AT]umontreal[DOT]ca)

Andrea Klassen (2023, University of Texas at Austin, aklassen[AT]utexas[DOT]edu)

Debra Lacoste (2023, CANTUS Database, debra[DOT]lacoste[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

James V. Maiello (2022, University of Manitoba, james[DOT]maiello[AT]umanitoba[DOT]ca)

Robert Marcoux (2022, Université Laval, robert[DOT]marcoux[AT]hst[DOT]ulaval[DOT]ca)

Richard Matthew Pollard (2022, Université du Québec à Montréal, pollard[DOT]richard[_]matthew[AT]uqam[DOT]ca)

Past Presidents

     Kathy Cawsey

     Dominic Marner

     David Watt

     John Osborne

     Elizabeth Edwards

     Anna Smol

     James Weldon

     Carol Harvey

     Andrew Taylor

     Jacqueline Murray

     Paul Dutton

     Joanne Norman

     Hans Runte

     Margaret Wade Labarge 

Past Editors of Florilegium

     Christa Canitz   

     James Weldon

     Carol J. Harvey

     M. Jane Toswell

     Douglas Wurtele

     Roger C. Blockley

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