Call for Submissions

Florilegium is an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the study of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (c. 400-1500) broadly defined from a geographic and cultural perspective, including the European, Byzantine, and Islamic worlds. The journal aims to reflect a range of methods arising out of or contributing to our understanding of medieval studies, medievalism(s), or diversity in the medieval period. Scholarship from all related disciplines and conceptual/theoretical frameworks is welcome, and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.  The journal is particularly interested in research that addresses non-western traditions and perspectives, as well as work that focuses on marginalized communities and/or issues.

Enquiries about the suitability of a proposed topic and proposals for special issues or clusters are most welcome: those interested should contact the editor directly at

Submissions are refereed double-blind by international and Canadian specialists. Manuscripts submitted for consideration must not contain any indication of authorship. First published in 1979, Florilegium is the journal of the Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes. Contributors need not be members of the society.

Manuscripts, written in English or French, should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents to the electronic journal management system: Articles should normally not exceed 8,000-9,000 words, including footnotes and bibliography, and should be formatted according to Chicago style. The journal also welcomes short articles on topics of interest to the members (e.g., notes on resources, review essays, and editions of primary sources, etc.). Papers may be written in either English or French. A brief abstract (one or two sentences) should be included with the submission. 

Florilegium’s website at the University of Toronto Press can be found at 

Florilegium’s Open Access website (for vols. 1-29) can be found here:


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