CSM Annual Meeting/ SCM Rencontre annuelle

Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes

2022 Annual Meeting (online)

Mardis médiévaux / Medieval Tuesdays:

May 17, 24, 31, and 7 June 2022

The Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes is a scholarly and professional association dedicated to promoting Medieval Studies at Canadian colleges and universities and to improving knowledge of the Middle Ages among the Canadian general public.

General Call for Presentations 2022:Proposals for communications can address any topic in Medieval Studies.

Special Theme 2022: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization in Medieval Studies

Over the past five years, new growth in anti-racist activism, along with the trans rights movement, #MeToo, and a global pandemic, have prompted renewed attention to race, disability, gender, and sexuality, as well as changes in scholarly approaches to these topics. Moreover, medievalists of colour and women medievalists have, often at their own peril, shone a spotlight on the longstanding and ongoing discrimination in our field. Recent research increasingly frames the categories above as inherently contingent ones—i.e., states or perceived states regarded as at odds with established norms—the conceptualization, significance, and experience of which vary not only from place to place, and context to context, but also temporally. The field of Medieval Studies has not been immune to these shifts, and much important work on premodern disability, race, sexuality, and gender has been spearheaded by medievalists. How can exploration of medieval thinking on race, gender, disability be of use to modern scholars? How do medieval and modern thinking on disability, gender, race diverge and converge? In what ways did gender, race, disability impact the lives of individuals and communities in the Middle Ages? How did medieval cultural practices, traditions, and institutions intersect with or represent disability, gender, sexuality, and race? Given the traditional and ongoing marginalization of scholars of colour, women scholars, and others in Medieval Studies, what changes are needed to make our research, classrooms and organization more inclusive and equitable? How are race, gender, disability, and sexuality represented (or misrepresented) and deployed (in positive or harmful ways) in popular medievalism? Papers, sessions or proposals for workshops and roundtables are welcomed on any aspect of EDID in Medieval Studies from research presentations to potential pedagogical interventions to long-term changes in the field with respect to EDID. 


Formats for All Presentations (on Zoom):

Individual papers should be no more than 15 minutes in length.

Sessions will consist of three 15-minute papers and up to 30 minutes for questions (that is, 75 minutes in total).

Round-tables, workshops, or sessions in an alternative format should be no more than 90 minutes in length, including a question period.



Paper proposals must include a document giving the title plus a one-page abstract (without identifying the author), and indicate if the proposal is for the general call or the special theme. A separate document should consist of a one-page curriculum vitae which includes the paper’s title at the top. Proposals for complete sessions, workshops, or roundtables should include the above information, in addition to identifying the session’s chair, the session’s title, and a brief explanation of the session and its format. Presentations may be in either English or French. Bilingual sessions are particularly welcome.

Please submit proposals by email by January 15, 2022 to President Marc B. Cels (csm.scm.conference@gmail.com) for review by the Annual Conference Planning Committee. Scholars need not be members to submit proposals, but must be members in good standing to participate in Mardis médiévaux. For more information on our Society, visit https://canadianmedievalists.org/.

Withdrawal from Congress 2022: For practical reasons, the Society’s Executive Committee decided, in consultation with the Advisory Board, not to participate in Congress 2022 https://www.federationhss.ca/en/congress/congress-2022  (12-20 May), hosted by the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences. https://www.federationhss.ca/en  The Society continues to be a member of the Federation. The pandemic still makes planning for a large face-to-face meeting challenging. Although a face-to-face or hybrid Congress has many advantages, the Society proved in 2021 that it can host a more affordable and flexible online meeting independently via Zoom. Our online meeting will be a stimulating and convivial opportunity for medievalists from Canada (and beyond) to learn more about the Middle Ages and their study. The Society will also conduct our Annual General Meeting online, elect our officers, and award our book and dissertation prizes. Mardis médiévaux will be open to Society members who register in advance. Details will be announced in the spring.




CSM/SCM Executive Committee

Marc B. Cels, President (marcc@athabascau.ca)

Siobhain Bly Calkin, Vice President


Allison Fizzard, Secretary-Treasurer

David Watt, Editor, Florilegium

Kathy Cawsey, Past President

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