Call for Papers: The Green Knight (2021): Key Critical Perspectives (A Roundtable)

31 Jul 2021 2:51 AM | Renee Ward


The Green Knight (2021): Key Critical Perspectives (A Roundtable)

The International Society for the Study of Medievalism (ISSM) invites submissions for a sponsored roundtable on David Lowery’s film The Green Knight (2021) for the 57thInternational Congress on Medieval Studies, which will take place online from Monday 9 May to Saturday 14 May 2022.

This roundtable seeks participants to identify and discuss an element of Lowery’s long-anticipated film, staring Dev Patel. In short presentations (10 minutes), panelists are invited to consider an element of the film in light of a focal keyword inspired by Medievalism: Key Critical Terms (2014), including: archive, authenticity, authority, Christianity, co-disciplinarity, continuity, feast, gender, genealogy, gesture, gothic, heresy, humor, lingua, love, memory, middle, modernity, monument, myth, play, power, presentism, primitive, purity, race, reenactment, resonance, simulacrum, spectacle, transfer, trauma, and troubadour. 


Submissions of 250-300 WORDS should be made via the Confex Online Systemno later than Wednesday 15 September 2021.This session is listed under “Session Selection: Roundtables.” 

Queries about the session can be sent to Valerie Johnson ( and/or Renée Ward (

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