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CFP - IMC Leeds 2024

17 Jun 2023 6:23 PM | Ghislaine Comeau

IMC Leeds - July 1-4, 2024


Representing Medieval Pasts: Publication, Pedagogy, and Other Paths Forward

This panel will present in concrete, replicable terms the emergent forms and methods participants have used to study, teach, and represent the medieval past, as a first step towards developing conceptual and institutional frameworks that might promote and authorize medieval studies research in the future.

Over the last decades digital media has transformed what published research looks like, as academic forms like podcasts, blogs, and digital tools have become well-established among researchers and wider publics. At the same time, developments in education research have challenged inherited notions about the efficacy of some pedagogical methods in both the short and long term. Finally, in the last year, it has become clear that AI technologies like ChatGPT have made the traditional essay virtually unworkable as a means of student assessment, especially when issues of accessibility are taken into account.

These circumstances leave us with urgent questions: what are the alternative media that we should train our students to use as undergraduates, which will then prepare them for the media of research dissemination and pedagogy in the future? What lessons have our experiments offered, and what will we try next?

Papers/presentations may focus on:

  • New/alternative pedagogical strategies / methodologies / student assessments and evaluations
  • Innovative ways of expressing learning / research
  • Public outreach / wider readership / accessibility

Please send paper/presentation proposals (250 words max) along with a short personal biography that includes your name, pronouns, area of study, institutional affiliation (if any), and contact information to Ghislaine Comeau ( and Stephen Yeager ( by Monday, August 28th, 2023.

Alternative methods and forms of presentation are encouraged. This panel will be in person.

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