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CFP - Special Issue on Sexualized and Gendered Violence in the Middle Ages

14 Jul 2023 8:55 AM | Kathy Cawsey (Administrator)

Medieval Studies, after centuries of apologetics, dismissals, and thinly-veiled misogyny, is finally openly exploring issues of rape, rape culture, gendered trauma, misogyny, homophobia, and other sexualized and gendered violence in both the Middle Ages and in medievalism. Several recent studies have explored the complexities of medieval gendered violence, acknowledging the diversities of medieval experiences and the nuances of medieval responses. Such studies have major resonance and significance for our cultures today, as we struggle with many of the same issues.

The journal Florilegium will be releasing a special issue on these topics. Potential articles could include

  • ·      medieval court cases and trials for rape, abduction, etc.
  • ·      medieval laws about sexualized violence and rape
  • ·      issues of consent in history or literature
  • ·      depictions of sexualized violence in medieval literature
  • ·      misogyny, sexualized stereotypes, and patterns of gendered violence in medievalism and ‘medievalish’ texts
  • ·      connections to modern incel culture, stalking, rape, consent, etc.

Manuscripts, written in English or French, should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents to the online peer review system. Articles should normally not exceed 8,000–9,000 words, including footnotes and bibliography, and should be formatted according to Chicago 17 style. The journal also welcomes short articles on topics of interest to the members (e.g., notes on resources, review essays, and editions of primary sources). Papers may be written in either English or French. A brief abstract (one or two sentences) should be included with the submission. 

Deadline: October 15, 2023

Contact Kathy Cawsey ( for more information.

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