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CSM/SCM Congress 2019 Programme

3 May 2019 8:35 PM | CSM Webmaster (Administrator)

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Canadian Society of Medievalists


La Société Canadienne des Médiévistes


Congress/Congrès 2019






Nous remercions les Musqueam de nous accueillir sur leur territoire. Nous travaillerons avec diligence pour assumer notre responsabilité collective d’honorer et de respecter leurs protocoles et leur patrie.



We recognise that the land on which we gather is the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam People, and we strive to live up to the responsibility of care for the land and people that this acknowledgment bestows upon us.




June 3 Juin


Session/Séance 1: The Arras Witch Project: New Insights, New Queries - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: Andrew Gow

Jessica Roussanov, “Vauderie d’Arras: Financing a Crusade for Statehood”

François Pageau, “From Hussites to Waldensians: A prosopographical study of a group of demonologists”

Robert B. Desjardins, “A Twist on the Swerve? Epicurean Ideas in Two Demonological Treatises”


Session/Séance 2: Conversations over time: Politics and the prosecution of crime and disorder in England, 1200-1700 – BUCH A103

Chair/Président: Simon Devereaux

Kenneth Duggan, “Community and Crime in Thirteenth-Century England”

Shannon McSheffrey, “The Politics of Prosecution: Handling the Evil May Day Rioters in 1517”

Andrea McKenzie, ““Fire and Fake News: Arson Prosecutions and Oppositional Politics during the Popish Plot, 1678-81”




Plenary/Plénière 1 - BUCH A103

Welcome: Kathy Cawsey

Chair/Président: Jacqueline Murray


Paul Dutton, “Rectangles of Conversation: The Bayeux Tapestry.”





Session/Séance 3: Circling in on Medieval Romances - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: Christa Canitz

Richard Firth Green, “How ‘Courtly’ are the Poems of MS Cotton Nero A.x?”

Geoff Rector, “The Reader as Lover: Enclosure, Identity, and Community in the Sociocultural Dynamics of Romance Reading (1150-1300)”

Robert Rouse, “From Shields to Sheeldes: Changing Views of Romance Geography.”


Session/Séance 4: Masculinities and Manuscripts - BUCH A103

Chair/Président: TBA

Jacqueline Murray, “Monks and Men: Masculinity and Religion in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries”

Alison More, ““Masculinity and Corporeality the Vitae of Thirteenth-Century Conversi”

Dominic Marner, “Touching the Word of God in the Floreffe Bible (BL Add MS 17738)”




Roundtable/Discussion: Racism and Diversity in Medieval Studies - BUCH A103

Chair/Président: Donna Trembinski

Andrew Gow, “Beyond Pogroms and Persecution: Nationalist Historiographies and the Elision of Jewish and other Minority Realities in Representations of the Middle Ages”

Michael Kent, “Opening those other medieval books: Reflections of a Judaica Librarian towards inclusive research”

Dana Wessell-Lightfoot, “Intersectionality in the Classroom: Teaching Medieval Spain”

Kathy Cawsey, “Discovering a White Supremacist in my class”

Douglas Hayes, “Teaching the Middle Ages: Racism and Resistance”

Amy Kaufman, “Alternative Narratives”

June 4 Juin


Session/Séance 5: Gender and Agency in Medieval Europe - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: Meredith Bacola

Joanne Findon, “Female Desire and Agency in Táin Bó Froích and Aislinge Óenguso”

David Hay, “Finding the Female Combatant in Late Medieval Military Literature”

Donna Trembinski, “Francis’ Disappearing Infirmities: Disability and the Expectations of Masculine Sanctity in the Thirteenth Century”


Session/Séance 6: Medical Texts in Conversation - BUCH A201

Chair/Président: Erik Kwakkel

Nora Thorburn, “Pro myrrae troclidite: The influence of materia medica substitution lists”

Jacob Goldowitz, ““Medical Innovation in Early Medieval Europe: Dynamidia Texts in Conversation”

Vajra Regan, “The Poet, the Philosopher, and the Physician”




Plenary/Plénière 2 - BUCH A201

Chair/Président: Dominic Marner


Marcus Milwright, “Architecture, Ornament and the early Qur’an Fragments from the Great Mosque of San‘a’ in Yemen​”





AGM/AGA (Lunch provided) - BUCH B213




Session/Séance 7: Constructing Medieval Worlds: Building Sustainable Medieval Studies via Immersive Environmental Spaces - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: TBA

Colin Gibbings, “Wrætlic is þes Performance Work: Differing Interpretations in Performance of 'The Ruin'”

Michael Lazar, “Materiality and Spatiality in the Saga of Erik the Red: a methodology for historical literary engagement”

Kenna Olsen and Elias Fahssi, “ Means and Methods: Ecologies of Sustainability for Medieval Texts”


Session/Séance 8: Afterlives of Medieval Texts - BUCH A201

Chair/Président: TBA

Tristan Major, “Richard Retchford, a Forgotten Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Saxonist”

Jes Battis, “The Medievalist Marketplace:  Convention Culture and Young Adult Fantasy”

David Watt, “George R. R. Martin’s 15th century allusions”




Session/Séance 9: Medieval Books and Documents in UBC Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: Stephen Partridge

Siân Echard, "Good Luck and Good Design: Building a Medieval Teaching Collection.”

Erik Kwakkel, “UBC’s “1460” Catholicon fragment: watermark and type arrangement”

Noelle Phillips, ““Discovering the Bulwer Family’s Fourteenth-century Charters in British Columbia”


Séance/Session 10: Cercles de Conversations en France - BUCH A201

Président/Chair: TBA

Éduardo Fabbro, “The Aftermath of Fontenoy (841): Divine agency, violence, and the response to traumatic events in Carolingian Europe.”

Stephanie Plante, “Une sociabilité littéraire. Le réseau manuscrit du compte de Flandre Gui de Dampierre”

Christine McWebb, “Christine de Pizan ‘in Conversation’ with Dante Alighieri”


Banquet/Banquette: Nuba - 3116 W Broadway, Kitsilano


June 5 Juin


Session/Séance 11: Holes and Wholes, Pieces and Seams: Physical and Political Connections and Ruptures - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: TBA

Sarah-Nelle Jackson, “Sovereignty on the Rocks: Eorthe, Land, and Resistance in the Peterborough Chronicle

Kari North, “Rebellious Vassal Rulers: Commonalties Across the Mediterranean”

Stephanie Lahey, “Patchwork Physic: British Library Sloane MS 783B”




Session/Séance 12: Topical Texts and their Afterlives in the Later Middle Ages - BUCH B213

Chair/Président: TBA

Robert Shaw, “Church Reform, monastic reform and the legacy of Pierre Pocquet”

Brandon Alakas, “Syon's fruytful orcherd: Textual Consumption and Spiritual Identity in Birgittine Devotional Literature”

Geoffrey Dipple, “The Curious Afterlife of a Radical Text”

Kristin Bourassa, “The Manuscript Afterlives of Political Texts: Jacques d’Armagnac and the Songe du viel pelerin” (co-author Justin Sturgeon)




UBC Rare Books Workshop

Leaders: Siân Echard and Erik Kwakkel


Photo: Don Erhardt


A hands-on session with medieval manuscripts and documents and early printed books from UBC's Rare Books and special Collections.


REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Email kathy.cawsey @ to sign up



President’s Reception/Réception du Président


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