CBC seeking interviews about past calamities

16 Apr 2020 3:21 PM | Marc Cels (Administrator)

We are a unit within CBC Radio that chases and produces interviews for our many radio programs across the country (mainly morning and afternoon shows). So guests on any particular topic speak with a series of stations over a "window" of time (for example, 6-9am or 2:30-6:30 pm Eastern Time), same topic, different hosts asking versions of the same questions.

We are pondering a short series detailing disasters and calamities of the past, what happened, what was learned from them (if anything!), and how history can inform our present.

Immediately to mind, of course, are events like the Black Death.  But history is full of incidents that are not necessarily plagues and disease driven ... but had a significant effect on the world, or North America, or Canada.

I kinda hear this as a "Let me tell you a story about what happened way back in ...."  I know that's a very simplified version of what you folks study and write about ... but we have to program our content for a very wide and diverse listenership.

Right now, we would not be able to offer compensation.  But the scope of CBC radio is vast, with many of our programs across Canada being overwhelmingly #1 in terms of listenership.

So if you have a pitch to make ... please send your idea to me: nathan.swinn@cbc.ca.

Thank you,

Nathan Swinn Senior Producer CBC Radio Syndication 

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