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2013 Margaret Wade Labarge Prize Recipient

15 Jul 2017 9:39 PM | Andrew Klein

2013 ~ James Grier, Ademari Cabannensis Opera Liturgica et Poetica: Musica cum Textibus. Brepols, 2012.  

The committee unanimously agreed that Grier’s monumental two-volume critical edition of the works of the eleventh century monk Adémar of Chabannes was a scholarly achievement of the highest order. Many of the musical texts transcribed here have not previously appeared in modern editions. Committee members praised the meticulous scholarship evident in the introduction and the transcriptions, and they noted the similarly high quality of the philological work. They also drew attention to the elegance and clarity of the written presentation. The committee believes that this work not only makes a significant contributionas  to medieval musicology, but that those contributions will be of lasting scholarly value. 

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