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2016 Margaret Wade Labarge Prize Recipient

15 Jul 2017 9:41 PM | Andrew Klein

2016 ~ Fiona Somerset, Feeling Like Saints: Lollard Writings after Wyclif. Cornell UP, 2014.

Fiona Somerset’s book's importance in developing the MS basis for its field, and that field's contribution to late-medieval religious and social history, is undoubted. The sheer wealth of sources which provide evidence of diverse lollard teachings on living a virtuous life, stories, saints, praying, and "feeling," revise previous assumptions about lollards and provide a more nuanced perspective than ever before. It is a significant piece of scholarship, looking at a wide range of manuscript sources and challenging the assumptions of the whole field of Lollard scholarship. . . . Whether or not Somerset is correct in her readings of sources she classifies as Lollard, her work will be one that future scholars have to ‘answer’ if they are going to look at any of these writings.  More...

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