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Centre for Medieval Literature
University of Southern Denmark
Bourassa, Kristin. “Using Dedications to Charles VI to Convey Political Messages: Honorat Bovet, Philippe de Mézières, Christine de Pizan, and Pierre Salmon.” Florilegium, forthcoming.

Bourassa, Kristin. “The Royal Entries of Henry VI in a London Civic Manuscript.” Journal of Medieval History 42, no. 4 (2016): 479–93. https://doi.org/10.1080/03044181.2016.1188325.

Bourassa, Kristin. “Reconfiguring Queen Truth in BnF Ms. Fr. 22542 (Songe du vieil pelerin).” In Textual and Visual Representations of Power and Justice in Medieval France: Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, edited by Rosalind Brown-Grant, Anne D. Hedeman, and Bernard Ribémont, 89–108. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2015.

Bourassa, Kristin Leigh Erika. “Counselling Charles VI of France: Christine de Pizan, Honorat Bovet, Philippe de Mézières, and Pierre Salmon.” PhD thesis, University of York, 2014.

Bourassa, Kristin Leigh Erika. “‘Fforto Tellen Alle the Circumstaunces’: The Royal Entries of Henry VI (1431-32) and Their Manuscripts.” MA thesis, University of Ottawa, 2010.
Research Interests
I work on political writing and manuscript culture in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, currently focusing on the reign of Charles VI of France (1380 - 1422).
Research Key Terms
political literature, manuscripts, late-medieval France, late-medieval England
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