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Acadia University
_The Manuscript and Meaning of Malory’s Morte Darthur: Rubrication, Commemoration,
Memorialization_. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2017. Reissued in paperback in 2020.

“Standing Up for the Stanzaic-Poet: Artistry, Characterization, and Narration in the Stanzaic
_Morte Arthur_ and Malory’s _Morte Darthur_.” _Arthuriana_ 28.3 (2018): 86-113. [Co-authored with Fiona Tolhurst. Winner of the 2019 (peer-reviewed) James Randall Leader Prize from the
International Arthurian Society-North American Branch for the best article on an
Arthurian topic published in 2018.]

“Inks and Hands and Fingers in the Manuscript of Malory’s _Morte Darthur_.” _Speculum_ 92.2 (April 2017): 429-46.

“Weeping, Wounds and Worshyp in Malory’s _Morte Darthur_.” _Arthurian Literature_ 31 (2014): 61-82.
Research Interests
Arthurian Literature, especially Sir Thomas Malory and Middle English Arthuriana; mediaeval romance; manuscripts; Tolkien; epic-heroic literature, including Homer; genre theory.

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