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Meredith Bacola


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St Paul's College, University of Manitoba
‘“Through the intercession of the Apostle of their nation”: the context of St Boniface’s church dedication in the formation of the Archdioceses of St Boniface and Winnipeg,’ Historical Studies, vol.84 (2018).http://cchahistory.ca/historical-studies/

‘Reconsidering the social relevance of heroic material embedded in the Guthlac legend,’ in Guthlac of Crowland: Celebrating thirteen hundred years, ed. by Jane Roberts and Alan Thacker (Spalding: Shaun Tyas, forthcoming 2020).

'The Hybrid Spiral Pier of Durham Cathedral: A Norman Monument to the Shrine of St Cuthbert?’ Gesta, vol. 54.1, April, 2015. http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.1086/679398

‘The Persistence of Narrative: an exploration of Hans Memling’s The Seven Joys of the Virgin’, in Allegory: Some Medieval Aspects and Approaches, ed. by Mary Carr, K. Clarke et al. (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008), pp. 28-41. http://www.cambridgescholars.com/download/sample/59838
Research Interests
-The Cult of Saints (hagiography, relics, shrines, architectural settings, devotions)
-Anglo-Saxon and Irish saints, 6-9th c. (SS. Cuthbert, Guthlac, Brigit)
-History of Christianity/Medieval History.

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