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Meredith Bacola


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St Paul's College, University of Manitoba
‘“Differing in status, but one in spirit”: renegotiating the boundaries of St Brigit’s double monastery at Kildare,’ Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures, vol.47.2 (July 2021).

‘Reconsidering the social relevance of heroic material embedded in the Guthlac legend,’ in Guthlac of Crowland: Celebrating thirteen hundred years, ed. by Jane Roberts and Alan Thacker (Spalding: Shaun Tyas, 2020).

‘“Through the intercession of the Apostle of their nation”: the context of St Boniface’s church dedication in the formation of the Archdioceses of St Boniface and Winnipeg,’ Historical Studies, vol.84 (2018).

'The Hybrid Spiral Pier of Durham Cathedral: A Norman Monument to the Shrine of St Cuthbert?’ Gesta, vol. 54.1, April, 2015.

‘The Persistence of Narrative: an exploration of Hans Memling’s The Seven Joys of the Virgin’, in Allegory: Some Medieval Aspects and Approaches, ed. by Mary Carr, K. Clarke et al. (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008).
Research Interests
-The Cult of Saints (hagiography, relics, shrines, architectural settings, devotions)
-Anglo-Saxon and Irish saints, 6-9th c. (SS. Cuthbert, Guthlac, Brigit)
-History of Christianity/Medieval History.

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