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St John's College, University of Manitoba
Watt, David. The Making of Thomas Hoccleve’s Series. Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2013).

Selected Articles
Watt, David, Spencer Sealy, and Mélanie F. Guigueno. “Antoine Joseph Lottinger’s first book on the cuckoo and its fosterers: a rare book with three title-pages.” Archives of natural history 42.2 (2015): 253-64.

Watt, David, Sharon Wright, and Paul Dyck. “The Study of Renaissance and Reformation Books on the Canadian Prairies.” Renaissance and Reformation Studies 37.3. (2014): 235-262.

Watt, David. “Thomas Hoccleve’s Particular Appeal.” Pedagogy 13.2 (Spring 2013): 337-355.

Watt, David. “Thomas Hoccleve’s La Male Regle in the Canterbury Cathedral Archives.” Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance 2:4 (2012): 1-11.

Watt, David. “Compilation and Contemplation: Beholding Thomas Hoccleve’s Series in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Selden Supra 53.” The Journal of the Early Book Society 14 (2011): 1-30.
Research Interests
Late Medieval Literature; Thomas Hoccleve; Literary Form; Manuscript Studies;

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