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  • CMS Toronto Convivium: online talk 27 Oct 2023 2:30 ET

CMS Toronto Convivium: online talk 27 Oct 2023 2:30 ET

25 Oct 2023 7:08 PM | Marc Cels (Administrator)

The Centre for Medieval Studies Convivium Series presents Claudio Cataldi

When and Where

Friday, October 27, 2023 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

3rd Floor, Lillian Massey, 125 Queen's Park, Toronto

Or on Zoom (please register for the link)


Claudio Cataldi (Università Kore di Enna)


The Dictionary of Old English and Practices of Commentary present:

Claudio Cataldi (Università Kore di Enna): The Bodley Glossaries

Abstract: The Bodley Glossaries represent the last outcome of the rich tradition of early medieval English glossography. At the same time, the four glossaries in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS 730 bear witness to the multi-lingual environment of early thirteenth-century England. On the occasion of the first full edition of the Bodley Glossaries (PIMS, 2023), this talk is devoted to their contents: lexical interpretamenta, long commentary glosses, batches of Biblical entries, animal sounds, and glosses to a Hiberno-Latin poem. This presentation of the Bodley Glossaries will be set in the context of the development of early English lexicography, from its beginnings to the post-Conquest period.



  • Dictionary of Old English
  • Practices of Commentary


125 Queen's Park

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