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Welcome to the new CSM website!

1 Nov 2017 8:59 AM | Andrew Klein

Hello, and welcome to the CSM website at its new home !

Over the next little while, we'll be continuing to streamline the website or introduce new sections and features (some a long time coming), so bear with us. As webmaster for the CSM site, I'm happy to hear about any suggestions or problems you're having. The move to our new platform should hopefully make things easier for everyone and resolve a number of issues with our former website. You can reach me at .

If you're here to sign up or renew, please go to "Member Information" above, and choose "Memberships" where you'll be able to choose a membership to subscribe to. Membership has been improved and simplified in some ways. In particular, please consider providing information about yourself in your profile that you'd like other CSM members to know (click on your name at the top of the site once logged in). Once you've signed up or renewed, you will have access to a Member Directory, which will allow us all to learn about one another or contact fellow members should you wish to do so. If you'd rather keep your information private, you can also choose to do this in your profile.

Also, as communicated to you in our recent email, when you are setting up your profile, please go to “email subscriptions” and “opt in” to future email correspondence.

What's more, as members you should be able to easily add News or CFPs to the website. If you have a recent publication, please do send the details on that to as well so that we can get the word out!

Thanks for supporting our wonderful community and we hope to hear from many of you.


Andrew Klein, VAP Wabash College, CSM Webmaster

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