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2019 Leonard Boyle Dissertation Prize

17 Aug 2019 8:05 AM | Marc Cels (Administrator)

Ronald Lvovski, University of York (Toronto) was award the 2019 Leonard Boyle Dissertation Prize for his 2018 York University (Toronto) dissertation, Building Context: the Church of San Julián de los Prados and Medieval Architecture in the Kingdom of Asturias (718-910). According to the chair of the Boyle Prize Committee, Prof. Michael Treschow (UBC-Okanagan):

Ronald Lvovski’s dissertation investigates “the date, patronage and style of the church of San Julián de los Prados within a broad medieval context.” His close architectural reading of this structure leads him to what he calls an unexpected conclusion: “that the church in question was indeed built by Alfonso II between 812 and 842, yet it is an altogether different building than the one dedicated to SS Julián and Basilissa in the chronicles.” His reading is based on a very detailed exploration of the broader context of this church, “both within the Iberian Peninsula and beyond its medieval borders.” By broader context, he means religious, cultural, and political trends. For although this dissertation is primarily a study of architecture, Lvovski’s work is informed by post-colonialist and acculturation methodology.  The buildings that Lvovski analyzes are, as one of his reviewers explained, consequential: “they are among our most important witnesses to the practice of architecture in Western Europe in the period between Antiquity and the Romanesque revival of the 11th century,” and adds that Lvovski’s work has enormous “potential for making an important new contribution to international scholarship.” Lvovski’s wide-ranging and thoroughly researched analysis offers a comprehensive overview of early medieval Iberian cultural evolution.

Our annual dissertation prize is awarded to a deserving doctoral thesis in any field of medieval studies submitted by a Canadian or someone resident in Canada. The prize honours the memory of the late Fr. Boyle (1923-1999), fellow of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Toronto). More information on the Boyle Dissertation Prize can be found in the Prizes section of the CSM website.

La Société Canadienne des Médiévistes est heureuse d’annoncer le gagnant du prix de thèse Leonard Boyle, récompensant une thèse de qualité exceptionnelle en études médiévales (tous champs confondus), rédigée par un canadien, une canadienne ou une personne résidant au Canada.

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