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Memo of Understanding between St. Michael's, UofT, and PIMS

25 Feb 2020 12:39 PM | CSM Webmaster (Administrator)

A new memorandum of understanding between the University of St. Michael’s College, the University of Toronto, and the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies reaffirms Toronto’s status as North America’s centre for research in mediaeval studies.

The five-year memorandum formally expresses a commitment on the part of the three signatories to work together to further engage with the mediaeval period through research, teaching, and publication. While each party remains distinct, the agreement suggests possibilities such as joint academic seminars or colloquia, as well as scholarly collaboration.

The full press release about the memorandum can be found here: https://stmikes.utoronto.ca/news/new-agreement-underscores-ties-between-st-mikes-pims-and-u-of-t/

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