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Conference Announcement Pfaff at 50 -- this weekend

27 Jun 2022 6:18 PM | K. Whetter

Pfaff @ 50 (+2...): Celebrating 50 years of New Liturgical Feasts—1 & 2 July 2022: online registration is free!

In 1970, Richard W. Pfaff’s New Liturgical Feasts in Later Medieval England fundamentally changed the way humanities scholars thought and wrote about English religious development in the long fifteenth century. ‘Pfaff at Fifty’ aims to take stock of the enduring legacy of New Liturgical Feasts by reconsidering the important questions that this touchstone book raised. (Of course, the conference was to have been held in July 2020 to mark the 50th anniversary of Dr Pfaff's touchstone work. Obviously, something came up.)

All information can be found at:


Registration is currently open for in-person attendance (the expense covers the costs for refreshments, lunches, a reception, and the conference dinner; no real registration fee, per se); online attendance--likely the preference for most U of T and PIMS folks--is gratis, and the links for the two days of (MS Teams) seminars will be posted to the site ASAP.

The conference also features the 2022 Medium Aevum Annual Lecture, which this year will be delivered by Dr Ryan Perry (Kent). The lecture is titled ‘Middle English Books of Devotion and Liturgical Privatisation in Fifteenth-century England’. More info is available here. And folks can register directly for the livestream here.

For anyone who works on liturgy in England or liturgy in the later Middle Ages, Richard Pfaff's work is integral. Our conference is meant to pay a small tribute to his immense contribution to our many fields. We would be honoured if you could join us.

Stay well,

K.S. Whetter for Ben Barootes and Rob Lutton

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